Tire bouchon

If you don’t know what a « pomelkophile » is in french, go to Ménerbes! Domaine de la Citadelle with its amazing private collection of 1,000 corkscrews will bring this back to mind.

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Grape-picking enthusiasts, grab your shears!


The summer is over. It’s time for the to-ing and fro-ing of grape-pickers and tractors wending their way backwards and forwards, from cellar to vineyards. Although there’s a lovely, friendly atmosphere, grape-picking is also genuinely hard work. It’s not always fun, particularly at the end of the day, when you’ve been bent double since early morning, labouring under a blazing sun. But don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you try this!

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Picnic in Château Pesquié’s vineyards


For several years now the winegrowers of Château Pesquié have been welcoming wine enthusiasts. On fine days visitors can even take advantage of this superb setting for picnics. You are given a wicker basket filled with local produce and the estate’s wine and then it’s up to you, enjoy a country meal in an idyllic setting!

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Vintage stroll at the foot of the Ventoux


What a great idea to stroll in the vineyards with your loved one, riding a Solex moped, on the small routes of the Piémont du Ventoux!
Did you say it’s noisy? Not at all! Nothing like the Solex from when I was a child, a nice little powered bicycle whose engine could be spotted from very far away! These are known as an e-Solex, and are made for a sustainable development. On the way for a stroll full of beautiful surprises…

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Artworks related to winemaking


Privileging quality over quantity, Château Turcan, a family winemaking estate founded in 1860 has only a small-scale production. It does, however, have a major museum on winemaking! Over 3,000 objects, some true works of art, illustrate the skills required for growing grapes and winemaking in 1,300m² exhibition space, with an area dedicated to wine presses; you will suddenly feel very, very small. Something to be seen in Ansouis, in the Luberon…

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