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Domaine des Peyre; the writer and the wine


Patricia Alexandre and her husband fell in love with the Luberon, its insight and its secret corners. After buying their first estate (Domaine Faverot), they’ve now created another (the Domaine des Peyre) in an old abandoned wine farm.


The cellar has been completely redesigned 2 years ago, the vast space created by and for the wine that comes from this beautiful plot of several hectares, at the gateway to the Luberon. The spacious areas of the winery and tasting room match the inner courtyard, which we imagine remains cool in summer, with its little art gallery, and a wing of the large country house devoted to welcoming in wine-loving visitors. A room at the estate, of sorts, and what a room! Royal apartments await travellers who come to discover the charms of Luberon’s wines. All this is the work of Patricia, who predicts a radical change in the way wines from this area of Vaucluse are viewed, « wines that have huge potential but have for too long remained in the shadow of bigger names, or have suffered from a wine culture that’s a little … rough! » Organic culture, the expression of the soil, simple pleasure – that’s what the winemaker and her team are aiming for with the first vintages from Domaine des Peyre. « We keep in mind that we’re very small and still young, but we want to gain momentum with our wines! »



After years at the helm of magazines like L’Hôtellerie or editing Gault et Millau, Patricia has moved to the other side of the fence – that of the producers! And while her career has sharpened her reactions and provided some good ideas, she remembers, a few years back, the difficult beginnings of a novice in wine production; « Nothing in my past experience, talking about wine and mingling with winemakers, had ultimately prepared me for the great adventure of managing a vineyard and winemaking. It’s something that’s alive, something totally real! »


Then together we taste the Gazette, the wine from the estate, a Grenache-Syrah blend to respect the basics of the region. Still young, it drinks well nevertheless, the fruit is evident, the structure pleasant. This little wine at around 10 euros a bottle is a breeze to drink – in moderation, of course! – and the attractive label brings us back nicely to the ancient art of the winemaker. I urge you to visit this young estate and ask about the various future events the team plan to offer based around wine.

A beautiful setting, the perfect welcome – what more could you ask? The fine Luberon wine and its beautiful scenery will do the rest!


Domaine des Peyre

1620 route d’Avignon – 84440 ROBION

T.+33(0)9 67 26 94 42  contact@domainedespeyre.com



Photos et texte Pierre Marilly

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