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Chantecôtes, the first cries of the new wine

Since man has been making wine – and deriving great pleasure from it – he has celebrated the end of the past year, good or bad, by drawing the new wine from the vat. This young wine is like a newborn crying for the first time, which is sometimes a little hard to take, but often heralds wonders for the palate. As Millévin approaches, the great autumnal gathering in Avignon celebrating new wine, I went to Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes to meet the young and friendly team of winemakers from Chantecôtes, to taste their new wine and find out if cooperatives can produce superb wines. It was a Bacchanalian encounter with Sainte Cécile, patron saint of musicians and Saint Vincent, patron saint of winegrowers.

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« Millévin » A festive celebration throughout the Côtes du Rhône to explore the primeur wines and other Cotes du Rhone vintages

Hear ye, hear ye, the wine growers are coming to Avignon on the third Thursday of November! Adorned in their finery, carrying their coloured banners, the numerous Rhône valley wine confraternities assemble in Millevin every year to celebrate their en primeur wines, Bacchus and wine, in general – in moderation, of course.

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