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Vacqueyras: wines and wine-growers with character

Vacqueyras is a delicious appellation from the Southern Rhône Valley, a region boasting a diverse terroir with superb landscapes and wine-growers who’ve been in the business for generations.The Vignerons de Caractère Cooperative plays a key role in the wine industry, in this quiet, little part of the country, and fully intends to keep it that way. Since it was created in 1957, it has witnessed constant innovation and successfully anticipated important trends in wine-making.Nearly 100 cooperative members contribute grapes from their vineyards – a great source of pride to them – and the winery doesn’t disappoint; every year, its magnificent vats produce no fewer than thirty fine wines. After a short trip to this immense battleship of a winery, it’s lunch at L’Éloge, the winery’s unusual restaurant.

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