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The joy of wine tasting in a motorhome


All French wine regions boast spectacular countryside and plenty of opportunity to taste wine, but the Vaucluse region offers all of that plus a wonderful climate, historic architecture and some of the prettiest villages in Europe.

Exploring by motorhome allows you to follow the wine trails of Vaucluse with great ease. You can even stay at vineyards overnight for free using the “France Passion” scheme as the region is peppered with their motorhome halts.


Imagine tasting Châteauneuf du Pape in a chateau then staying the night in its grounds! Of course the region produces many other sublime delights too and using the “France Passion” scheme you can punctuate the wine stops with overnight stays in cherry orchards, with olive oil producers and even a nougat maker.

Provence Fahrradreise

Apart from finding some utterly sublime wines in the Vaucluse region, you can easily explore other highlights in a motorhome including Luberon villages, driving to the top of Mont Ventoux and walking through the Roman amphitheatre at Vaison la Romaine.



Whether you are looking for a few bottles of wine or buying in bulk for a special occasion, Vaucluse offers wines for every budget and taste. From the famous and exclusive Châteauneuf du Pape to the more affordable wines of the Ventoux and Luberon, you will be amazed at the choice and quality.


Five top tips for wine tasting in Vaucluse from a motorhome:

* For planning, we use and recommend the fantastic resources available on the Vaucluse wine tourism website. It is particularly good for motorhome journeys with its free wine trail itineraries, cycle maps and wine festival dates.

* Take bikes with you and be prepared to park your motorhome at the edge of town. Pretty hillside villages often have very narrow streets and bikes take the stress out of exploring them.

* For a more authentic experience, taste wine at smaller, rural vineyards (rather than polished, town centre shops). The larger cooperative wineries also offer a wide range of affordable wines –of all prices, colours, appellations, grape varieties… Everyone should find something to suit their taste!

* If you are staying at “France Passion” vineyards overnight and planning to taste, don’t forget to pick up food for supper en-route, otherwise someone in the party will have to skip the wine tasting in order to be able to drive safely to supper. Modern motorhomes have kitchens and fridges so it’s easy to self-cater.

* If you want to stay on campsites, you only need to book ahead during July and August. The rest of the year most sites will have pitches available and facilities such as mains power, washing machines and, increasingly, WiFi.


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