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Vintage stroll at the foot of the Ventoux


What a great idea to stroll in the vineyards with your loved one, riding a Solex moped, on the small routes of the Piémont du Ventoux!
Did you say it’s noisy? Not at all! Nothing like the Solex from when I was a child, a nice little powered bicycle whose engine could be spotted from very far away! These are known as an e-Solex, and are made for a sustainable development. On the way for a stroll full of beautiful surprises…

Lined-up in front of the entrance of the Cave Terraventoux in Villes-sur-Auzon, our two brand-new Solex’s are waiting for you to take you on a vineyard stroll reserved the night before.


Gabriel, the person in charge, gives us a few instructions: follow the signs and make sure you turn off the engine every time you stop to save the battery. We will run into him at strategic points along the way!



Solex 1With your head protected by a helmet and an itinerary wisely fastened on the handlebar, here we set out on a beautiful journey among friends.

Barely 50 metres from the wine cellar and we’ll be in the middle of nature among cherry trees and grapevines with the Ventoux in the background. We follow the small signs that show us the way. Maximum speed is 20 km/hour! A little bit more pedalling to help our powered bicycle uphill but no rush.

We indulge in a moment of freedom.

The sun is already high in the sky, the air is fresh. The small routes are empty. Only the cicada’s gentle song rides along with us. We run into a few farmers in the orchards. The view over the plains of the Comtat is breathtaking.


We finally reach Flassan, a charming little village with coloured facades. Gabriel is waiting for us by the fountain.

Next to the washhouse, a lovely sparkling grey Citroen 2CV is parked all alone. A surprising coincidence? It brings me back even closer to my childhood!

On a red-chequered tablecloth, Gabriel had laid out glasses and bottles. We taste a nicely chilled white wine called “Terre de Truffes” with joy, a wine from the vineyards we just went through, a blend of two grape varieties with floral scents that taste delicious when served with goat cheese and honey on small pieces of toast.

After this beneficial first stop, we set out again. Enjoying it just as much. We never get tired of it. A farm borders the road. I stop to buy fresh eggs.

The land suddenly becomes red, illuminating the vineyards with green leaves that are warming up under the sun in the blue sky. We cross a small undergrowth of pine and oak trees, turn left and go a little deeper into the countryside where we run into Gabriel again holding a cool box. We just reached our second meeting point.

Flassan 1

We park our bicycles and walk down a small ochre path in the middle of oak and hazelnut trees.


Ahead of us, a former canyon hollowed by a river that is no longer here today. Everything is deep red, the high walls, the soil and our shoe soles! As for our wine, it’s rosé, fruity and light like a foretaste of summer. A few toasted slices of bread with black and green olive tapenade, eggplant caviar. Where else could we be but Provence?

We hit the road again. What other beautiful surprise is awaiting us?

It’s 1:00 p.m., time for a vintners’ picnic “100% made in Ventoux.”


Crusty “fougasse” bread, truffle pâté, a selection of goat cheese, beefsteak tomatoes and olive oil, chubby cherries, red wine from the cellar… a king’s feast!

The simplest things are often the most beautiful!

We take our time and fully enjoy every second.

It’s time to go back.

A nice alley lined with plane trees leads us to the wine cellar under the watchful eye of the Ventoux.

A foretaste in a video:



Stroll from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. For 2 people. Reservation required 48 hours in advance.


Cave Terraventoux

Villes Sur Auzon
T. : 00 33 (4) 90 61 79 45



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